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Of course there are more details not covered in the video shown above that will be explained in person. How would I provide more gigs? Google adwords, free and paid FB marketing, SEO on multiple targeted websites, yelp, industry related sites, DJ REFERRALS, craigslist and more. Any DJ level is welcome from beginner to expert since we can collaborate and team up. Whoever wants to work in teams (I do) can, but you do not have to. You are free to collaborate in some areas and not others. Ex. want to share music but not rent equipment but want DJ assistance. What I am looking for in a DJ: A positive/constructive attitude, friendly personality, reliable, good work ethic, open to taking feedback. There will be an area on the site were gigs, links for music and access to equipment rentals will be provided, that section of the site will be password protected. The password will be changed every month and it will be provided to you by either email or other means. If you failed to follow the guidelines the password will not be provided to you. Ex. I book you a gig and you confirm and you end up not showing up or cancelling the gig, or you get bad feedback from a client, or negative attitude. Also, I do not answer my phone while I am at work, I prefer text message before 5pm M-F but feel free to text/email/FB message and I’ll contact you back.

DJ Application

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Preffered Meeting location

Guitar center
10831 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Open M-F 10am-9pm Sat 10am-8pm Sun 11am-7pm
I can only meet/video chat Mon-Fri after 5:15pm and Sunday(s)
If you live far away and/or cannot meet at those times then we can do either FB video chat or skype or phone call but it is preffered to meet in person to show some level of commitment and willingness to work.


Carlos – DJ Kato

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